Saturday, March 18, 2017

Accessories for Handloom Silk saree

Silk Sarees are the most common Indian Wear. Be it a Party wear or daily office wear, sari always be in your choice List. Sadhee is a perfect piece in which a women gives the overall look.
But by choosing right accessories for Traditional Silk sarees women always confused. Let us suggest some accessories which make you fall in love with them.

Accessories for saris.
1. Bangles and Bracelets
2. Bindi
3. Handbags
4. Kamarbandh
5. Earing's
6. Hair style
7. Hand Ring's
8. Toe ring's and Payal
9. Nose Rings
10. Blouse

Did you Like our Ideas?  We hope these accessories help you out.

Monday, January 16, 2017

9 Most famous types of handloom sarees.

There are Various types of handloom sarees which represent a unique tradition and culture from various state. Today, we want to discuss about some of the most famous types of sarees that make us feel proud.

Types of sarees
1. Kanjeevaram sarees
2. Dhakai Sarees

3. Paithani Sarees
4. Sambalpuri Sarees
5. Pattu Sarees
6. Assam Silk
7. Banarashi Sarees
8. Chanderi sarees
9. West Bengal Tant cotton sarees